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Full Version: PC/MCA and PC/ISA How do I know which I have?
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HP software download distinguishes between PC/MCA & PC/ISA for downloading choices. I am using a Scanjet 3C (SCSI) and have no Idea which software to order/download for deskscan II 2.9 since I have already deleted the prior version's files and thus I can't check. Can anyone tell me which I need to download to use with a SCSI device? Thanks B. Davis

ISA means Industry Standard Architecture, or the IBM PC/AT expansion bus as ultimately specified by a third party (the EISA group - E for Extended). MCA means MicroChannel Architecture, the expansion bus that IBM introduced with the PS/2 computers and quickly abandoned. Unless you have an IBM model 80 (and 70? 60? maybe even 50?) or a Tandy 5000, you don't have MicroChannel.