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Full Version: HP-15c for celestial navigation??
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Is there anybody who can tell me whether an HP-15c can be programmed to perform all calculations involved with celestial navigation? I would greatly appreciate any information I can get. Thank you.

Yes. There is an older book (maybe out of print) on this also. He used an HP67 (the book is that old). The HP15c is more powerful though maybe only has about half the programming steps as a 67. That will be your obsticle, since the hp15c only has approx 1/3 K of ram. Check programs available for the HP32s (not the hp32sII). They may be similiar enough to use. I will check on the book title and let you know Monday if you are still interested.

Found the book (booklet). Practical Astronomy with your calculator by Peter Duffett-Smith. Copyright 1979-84. I believe I also saw a book called Practical Astronomy with your PC. In this book, however is light on keystrokes. good descriptions and steps through the problems. Good Luck.

Ron Ross

I have the book "Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator" It is a pretty neat book. It gives algorithms for several different astronomical calculations. My suggestion would be to move to a 41 so that you have a way of saving programs. Otherwise, you will always be susceptible to "memory lost" which is no good. Randy

check this link, but it for an HP48 http://www.sparcom.com/products/datasheets/celnav.htm