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Full Version: scratches on LCD screens
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Is there any way to touch-up (or replace) the anti-glare coating on the protective windows on some LCDs (71B, 75 and Voyagers especially) if it gets scratched? (other than putting the calculator on a railroad track)


have you tried the cream which is sold to remove scratches from swatch-watches ?


no more railroad track posts

I was only kidding in the first place


... and a reference to the insane, hopeless, unacceptable... solution?

Never mind! It will always be a nice reference, never a disgusting curse.

Be well!

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

I haven't tried anything yet. Is that something like the scratch remover for CD's?

There are many different sorts of polishes on the market. most of them are sold in 3 categories: 1)chrome (metal) polish, 2) car polish, 3) acrylic glass polish.

for our purpose i recommend acrylic glass polish only. if applied manually (i.e., slowly, in order to keep the temperature down and avoid smearing) and with sufficient patience it will give absolutely perfect results. all other types are too coarse and will leave visible scratches on the surface.

*however*, if the protective window has some anti-glare coating, the coating will definitely be ruined by any polish or solvent that contains abrasive materials.

cheers, hans

p.s.: always try to make friends with your dentist :o^ dentists have all sorts of wonderful drills, polishes, 2-component glues, etc ask him for some help.