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Full Version: What to use with Alcohol when cleaning PCBs?
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I've been using Q-tips with 90% isopropyl alcohol when cleaning contacts on PCBs, keyboard traces, etc. But that leaves strands of cotton all over.

What do the experts recommend I use to apply the alcohol & "scrub" surfaces? (I assume something lint-free -- lens tissue?)

Thanks . . .

Household Q-tips will do that. Industrial cotton swabs with wooden handles are less prone to that annoying habit, as the cotton is wound tighter and glued better.

One place you can them order online:

www.techni-tool.com Item 758CH016 $11.10 for 1000 pcs

A Lab supply company should carry them as well. If you want to go all out, you can buy foam tipped swabs at 13X the cotton price. 758CH3160 $71.10 for 500 pcs..

I use lens tissues or lint free lens cloth.

The electronics industry uses "acid swabbing" brushes. These are made of bristles crimped into a hollow metal sleeve for a handle. Trim the bristles down to about 1/8 inch long. You can get them at many hardware stores, West Marine, and Harbor Freight Tools, etc.

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