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Full Version: Re: HP-28S -- Are Connecting Pins Mushroomed, Glued or ???
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I'm hoping to eventually fix my broken-apart HP-28s, but I'm wondering, if I were to try to dismantle one, would I be forced to break all of the plastic connecting pins?

Put another way, does anyone know for sure whether the pins are mushroomed (melted over) or glued to hold the calculator halves (quarters?) together, or is it a "snap fit"?

I've not taken the labels up on my unit to see what's underneath. There are three pins apparently intact on the back of the alpha side, and those don't show obvious signs of melting or glue. The broken-off ends of most of the posts are still in their inside-faceplate sockets, and some rattle around, but won't come out. This leads me to believe there is no glue involved, and makes me suspect no melting either.

Has anyone successfully dismantled and reassembled an HP Clamshell calculator? Is there a reference on the subject available? (My internet searches have turned up nothing.)