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Full Version: 9114A vs 9114B disk drive
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I would like to buy a 3"1/2 disk drive. I have seen auctions for these two models. Does anybody know the diference?

Thanks in advance


THe 9114B is preferrable, but it's not that major: It has
lower power-consumption, so will last longer on a single
charge (I believe this is due to a different floppy-drive
unit being used). There are some other minor differences.


The 9114B acts a bit faster (not measured, just an impression).


There are also differences regarding the power supply and the battery charge gauge.

9114A uses 88014A battery pack with a very simple charging circuit.

9114B uses 88014B wich includes a more alaborated circuitry.

Anyhow you can swap them as they both have the same physical dimensions and the same connector.

9114A has one only led to display battery/power status, while 9114B has a three led gauge to tell the users the "amount" of charge still remainig in their batteries.

Also the drives are different, both mechanical and electrically.