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Full Version: Help with 9114A disk drive?
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I have a disk drive that appears to be dead. I think the battery may be the entire problem with it but it's a very strange battery. Is there a common replacement?

There is a 6 volt sealed lead-acid battery in the battery holder. It is a very common battery. Take the battery holder to your local battery store (Batteries Plus, Batteries, Etc, etc) and they will know what to do.


But, sadly, I can't remember which one it is! It's either the PS-628 or PS-632...I think it's the PS-628. I should know, since I bought one 2 months ago, but I can't. Can anyone help me help Peter?

Thanks guys! You're quick!


PowerSonic PS-628 is the right replacement battery. I purchased one a around a month ago for my 9114b. Please note, the battery holder of the 9114b disk drive is required.

There is also a previous post providing the web site & phone numbers where I purchased mine.


Wonderful! Thanks again everyone!