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Full Version: HP-42S eBay price record?
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Just to note that this unit was without original box!


Another 42S, complete with box, went for 201 EUR some days ago.

BTW: I happen to have a 42S for sale, too.
Just make me a suitable offer;-)

whats the exchange rate?
I cant tell what that is in USD .

IT said EUR $289 what's that !

- Norm

I'll give you 42 for that HP-42S
but I did not say 42 WHAT.

42 American Eagles?
42 cans of coca cola ?

$334 US.

What's the matter? Batteries dead in your LED calculator?

My solar powered TI1786 says 201 Euros is = to $231 according to the SF Chron of last Friday.


NO actually they aren't dead!!!!! I dont
have any problem that way. Bet U wish U had
some RED LED's. Guess what, I dont even charge
any batteries. I just stuck in a set of Alkaline
AA and its been working ever since. Someday when
it quits I suppose I'll stick another set of AA
Alkaline in there. Whatsamatta, at 28 cents
a battery, cant ya afffeeerd it ?

I think the problem was I would not know
a EUR from a hole in the ground and I did not have
an exchange rate, Randy.

"Whatsamatta, at 28 cents a battery, cant ya afffeeerd it?"

Gee, pall, whatsatt? I bet I can speak English this way in tha futur... <8^D


Luiz C. Vieira - Br'zl

Nothing to complain, I think. Just compare the prize for an untouched HP-21S w/o box and a copy of the manual. <VBG>


Really a TI-1786 ?
The Datamath Museum searches this one...

was hobbeling around the flea last weekend and there it was. you're right. it IS "the prettiest little calculator on gods green earth". i didn't have much hope for it but i paid a buck for it anyway and what do you know! it works! the batteries even hold a charge.

one question: the constant memory works for programs and storage registers but not for the stack. is that ok? even if that's not the way it was built, i like it anyway. in fact, now that i have gotten to know it; i like it so much that if you ever decide you have too many of them i will go as high as two american sawbucks (not euros) for any of your spares.

Hi, D.B.;

now it makes at least three of us hwo have a crash for this beauty. And you're right: the first continuous memeory to hold stack contents was the HP41C, in fact right after the HP34C. I do not know if the HP95C also holds stack contents.

You may notice one thing: it keeps number format. Try it.

Best regards and congrats for your new addition. (does it show the '2'-digits blinking disease?)

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

You better buy now before the US$ sinks further!!!!

The PPC Journal covered the 41c in it's July 1979 issue and didn't cover the 34c until the August 1979 issue.

What was the official 34c intro date?

The 41c's was something like July 16, 1979 or so.



It was introduced in 1979-7-1


Best regards.