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Full Version: Nuts about HP41's
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Fullnut, Halfnut, Blanknut, etc.

This has probably been asked and answered a hundred times, but does anyone readily know:

1) Is a HP41CX EXACTLY functionally the same no matter which nut it happens to be?

2) Does execution speed vary between nuts?

3) Are there undocumented quirks between nuts?

4) If the calculator you were looking for had a choice, which nut would it choose to be?


Yes, there are firmware differences between the nuts. I don't know if they have any effect on operation though.

The main difference that you can see is the display. The halfnut display was optimized for looking at from a shallow angle (like sitting on a desk). The fullnut wants to be viewed more head on (like being held in the hand). The halfnut display segments are sleeker than the fullnut. Also the halfnut keyboard is generally less clicky than a fullnut.

If my nut was to be used out in the field or away from civilization, I would want a halfnut. It is more reliable. It is also MUCH less repairable. For use around civilization, I much prefer the fullnut.

1) I once had "Fullnut" (coconut?) CX and it's operarion was not too stable. After I sold it to someone near Heidelberg I realized that it was a rare one.

2) not realy

3) undocumented in HP's manuals, well documented elswhere (for example: ajust display contrast - if you may do MCode)

4) CX halfnut