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Full Version: Painted HP logos ?
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I've noticed that the front HP logo in my HP-11C and HP-15C are paited silver, while the one in my HP-12C in metalic golden. Are all HP-11C and HP-15C like this ? Is there any other Voyager with painted logo ?

In time: my calculators were manufactured in Brazil.

Olá, José;

you're right: some Voyagers have plastic-molded, painted logos (newer) and others have metal stamped ones (earlier). I have an HP11C's logo that's made with thin metal and is stamped (not etched) to form the [hp] and the [11C] signs. I also have my old HP15C's logo that is simply a molded black plastic with both [hp] and [11C] molded signs and painting with metlic silver.

Hope this helps.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

(what happened with the HP12C and the HP41? Please, e-mail me: lcvieira@quantica.com.br)