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Full Version: OT: found a friden 1115
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Browsing thrift stores today I found a nicely cosmetic and working 1115.

paid a little 'too much' for it at $20, but it works, and it's a nice addition to the few non-programmables I have.

Thing is built like a bomb shelter, too.

cristof -

well aren't you smug. quit bragging; i'm going to find a 9100 with the printer and manuals on sunday......for cheaper! i can smell it. it's been talking to me in my dreams.

are you two (.5) still going to the whole earth festival on saturday? we are. lets meet up. how about glen?

in a green jeallous fog - d

Where are you hunting Sunday? I'm told I have good scrounging luck......

I will indeed be there. with cell phone, and 1.5 other people.

I'll hope Glenn can make it, but if he can't we could stop by or something.

the friden is cool, but I'm still holding out for a 97. ah... someday......

i'll be at my SECRET fishin' spot on sunday. the friden is more rare than the 97 if that means anything. see youall sat.