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Full Version: hp 9825A
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I am having a problem with our HP 9825A. It does not read the tape drive. Does any one know of a repair facility that could help?

What are the symptoms? The most likely cause of problem is the tape drive capstan is dissolved. Almost all are.

I know that is not exactly what you asked but it might help find a repair facility, if you know the likely cause.

What's the exact problem? Does it move the tape? Does it give an error (if so, what?). Will it write correctly?
Most likely, it's not moving the tape because the drive roller has decayed with age. This probably can be repaired, but it's not totally trivial. You need to strip the tape drive down, clean up the roller, and either put a rubber sleeve over it, or machine a groove for an O-ring.
I doubt there are any offiical repair facilities that do this sort of work any more (and HP will no longer supply spares or complete tape drives) -- your only hope is to find an enthusiast who can do it.