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Full Version: HP-94E Versions
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Like the HP-35 and HP-41 and other HP there are versions in the HP-94E.

Pictured are HP-94s with 2 types of serial number labeling.

1st picture is an HP-94E with a stamped serial number

2nd picture is an HP-94E with a printed serial number on a white background

Which type is more common? I think the stamped serial number is more common but am not sure. What type serial numbers do others have?

Are there other HP-94 variations besides the D,E and F series?


I have a 94E and a 94F and both have "stamped" serial numbers starting with "26xxJ". I think that your printed "28xxJ" is unusual because of the late date of manufacture. If 1988 is in fact the year of manufacture, perhaps this unit came from a special run.


I have a 94F that has no serial number at all. It just has a label with the Just the label. The area where the serial number is supposed to be is blank from the factory.

It also has a glossy surface texture. All the others I have seen have a matte finish.

HP-94F Photos

By the way, I have also started a site for posting photos, etc. Feel free to stop by from time to time. It's mostly a place where I can easily post photos online.

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