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Full Version: I need calc with aglebraic solver !
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I need scientific HP calc, preferably Pioneer that has algebraic solver (as 17BII) but as well fractions, RPN notation and trigs. Any thoughts?

Probably should consider a 32sii.


The Hp32sii would fill all of your requirements. That said, it is a very high priced calculator at the moment.

An Hp48G would be your cheapest alternative and also has all of the above. Aside from its size (it is after all a graphics), it would work.

If you COULD give up fractions, an Hp19bii would also work. It actually has the same solver as the 17bii with the addition of trig functions.

All of the above also have units conversions, the 48G has an extensive set of conversions.

Hp 32SII has algebraic or RPN solver ?


I consider any SOLVER as a transparent procedure, a general-purpose algorithm. I'd rather think that any calcualtor wiht SOLVER will accept or not algebraic expressions as input data. About the HP32SII, I think of it as an RPN calculator with a SOLVER that accepts algebraic expressions as input data.

Hope this allows you to "see" it in another perspective.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

The 48G/+/GX has very good solver. It has trig functions and has RPL (not RPN) but I think it's not too much of a compromise since it's much less expensive than the 32SII. Yes, the 48 solver does algebraic.


You can store the equation in a RPN program or in "algebraic way"


Yes, the hp32sii has an algebraic solver.