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What is your favorite Pioneer calc?

From the Stretch-Pioneers: HP-48GX,
from the classic Pioneers: HP-42S


Also, for the price, you can't beat a good used 48G. I know, they're thicker and slower, but seeing the stack is nice and even if you don't untilize it 100%, it's a hell of a deal.


I second Raymond.


Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

I vote for the 42S.

As noted elsewhere, I'm a 32s fan.

I appreciate the 42s for its power and two-line display, but day-to-day, I use the 32s and it's the final one I'd sell on eBay to keep food on the table.

I agree with Raymond and Luiz. I think the 48's is better than the 32. I have a 32SII for many years that I rarely ever used. I bought it just to have it(for the real price of $58). I used the 48GX very often. I don't use the 48SX much. I used the 41CX as often as the 48GX.

The HP32SII is my travelling calculator. For all other work I use my old HP48SX. When I need a mixture of both, the HP28S is my first choice.


Pioneers? 48GX and 42S

Raul (but I use the 15c, not the 42s)


HP-42S, no question about it. (Still having a small hope that HP would some day realise that they could start production of a HP-42SX with 32K RAM, 4MHz Saturn and a serial I/O with virtually no development costs at all...)

and make a fortune. (or lose your fortune if it turns out there ISN'T money to be made in that market...

Sometimes, it is hard for us to realize that even though people like us would buy it, that is not enough for HP to turn a profit on it. There have to be thousands of other people who would also choose it over a TI graphing calculator.

Sad, but true.