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Full Version: Silver trim paint. Forum search
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Hi, i read here that we can restore silver trim with some paint but i can't remember nor find the post : what paint to use?

Can someone tell me how to search with the "search personalize option" of the forum : i tried but the result are only for recent post, not for more than the active 500 messages.

Go to the top of the Forum page and click on "Archives". You can go straight to the Archives from the home page too. The Archives are divided into time ranges. There is no way to search across the different Archives, you have to do one at a time. If the individual Archives were much larger it would take an unpleasantly long time to load the index with a dialup connection. Leave the time range for an individual Archive search set to "Several Eons" unless you want to limit the search to a certain subset of the range of the Archive.


I've found a pair of paint markers at the OfficeMax and Office Depot stores.

They come as a pair of silver and gold. It's SOOOO much easier to use these markers than to use a paint brush. You can even carefully "tap" the tip on the TI logos to restore the gold lettering to those calculators, as well as the gold trim around the display.


FWIW, I have found the "Model Masters" brand of Chrome Silver enamel paint to be very easy use. It brushes well and has a consistent color and shine.

Can you tell me more about these marker ; i can't find these on their site (office depot or max).

Is it water base?

Thanks again!

Many hobby shops will have the "Testors" brand of silver paint marker. It works very well for the classic line of calculators. Also white gas will remove it without removing the original paint.

On the HP65 and HP67 the silver trim is plated on. No paint will match it, but is not too bad for touching up very small dots in the trim.