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Full Version: Uncredited HPmuseum pic ?
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What is this site about? I can't read the language. It's really the picture we can se on the museum home page...

Can anyone tell me what this is about?

The Website and language is Polish (note the *.pl web domain), and seems to be in Warsaw (one of the rotating gif's says "Warszawy", and lists phone #'s. I can interpret only a few words from context.

It looks like a Polish HP-products retailer that found/stole/borrowed a fitting image.

It's Polish retailer. It sells HP calcs and other HP products. They have HP 32SII listed for about $100.

I sent them an email requesting that they credit it or remove it. Now we'll see if their English is better than my Polish. (It couldn't be worse ;-))

I can translate it for you if you wish.

Hi Dave,

I lokked today,
and now it's credited 'somehow':
The tooltip shows 'muzeum kalkulatorow HP'...



Also, the graphic is a hotlink to www.hpmuseum.org

And respond quickly too. That wasn't quite the way I imagined crediting the image but I think it's fine.

Thank you for pointing it out.

After all... how could we have RPN without Poland?


If you ever want to translate Polish to English or vice-versa, try this site:


You can copy and paste into this site to translate complete paragraphs.