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Full Version: HP41cv
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Hi there some time ago i got a HP41cv on a fleamarked for 10 DM (5$) It came with softcase and a x-func and 2 x-memory modules. One cell has been leaky and damaged the flexprint. I could repair it but how to wash out the chemicals off the flexprint? Additional question: What did i get with this calculator? (Memorysize, x-functions) Thanks for help Peter

ps. my little HP collection: HP28S, HP41CV, HP25

x-func and 2 X mem modules add extra memory and functions to deal with it. The memory is accessed like mass storage (sort of). The X-func has finctiond and memory, the X-Mem have memory only. They are cleared by the master reset.

1 X-func and 2 X-Mem is the max that you can use in the calculator.

I have no experience cleaning the "flexprint".

Was the leaking cell a battery or part of the nicad pack? The nicad pack can be repaired. (batteries, obviously, can be replaced).

Hi Steve Thank you for reply I think the leaky cell was a disposable one. The calc came with the battery-holder for N-cells. I`m running the calculator with nicads now, they costs the same like disposable N-cells here. I`m not very familiar with the HP41CV yet so can you tell me the size of the calculator`s- and the X-memory? Thanks Peter

Hi Peter. I hava a HP 28S and a HP 28 C. The scan funktion in catalog and in units is not working in the S model. (the funktion works ok exept scan) The calculator is ok (no fail) when i run test. Is the scan funktio working at all in the S model? (or only in the C model?)