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Is there any other calc that has 17BII/19BII solver or similar thing?




LED: 34C The first

LCD: 15C,22S,27S,32S,42S,48*

All have solver built in. That's off the top of my head, it's just about everything made in the last 15 years. The 6S and 9S don't count, I'm not sure about the 30S.

didn't the 10B? it had something in it.....

the 38/39/40 series machines should have it, too. and there is the 28.

as randy says, just about everything susbstantial.

Also the HP-41 + Advantage ROM



As nobody mentioned, there is also the HP12C with the Financial TVM Solver. This also leads us to the Finacials HP22 and HP27 (Woodstocks).

These calculators do not have a generic Solver, just the Financial TVM. I added this information because mapet asked for HP17BII/HP19BII solver, and both are Fiancial calcs. The HP18C, first version of the HP19B, had a Solver, too.


A peek at http://www.b-rasmussen.dk/johnny/hp/10b_s.htm (one of the few images anywhere on the web), you'll see that a 10B has no general solver, just the TVM one that all financials have. I owned one of these, gave it away when I kept expecting an algebraic hierarchy (it has *no* hiererarcy, you have to manually impose multiply before add with parentheses), and kept getting disappointed :).