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Full Version: HP-80 Versions: How many were there?
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I just saw an ad for an HP-80 Version 2 on EBay:

HP-80 v2 EBay Ad

How many versions of the HP-80 were there, and how were they different from each other?

Much obliged!



There are two main types of HP80. The front label on the earliest versions just says "Hewlett Packard". This version is actually rarer than the HP35 red dot. Genuine ones will have a serial number in the 10000-13000 range. Later versions add the "80" to the front label.

You can also find a couple of minor variations in the lettering around the on/off switch. On some it is painted on the keyboard. Others have raised lettering molded in the case. Some have raised lettering that is painted white.

Finally, later production units have painted silver trim above the switch... the earlier ones have a metal trim bar.

Actually, I have a legitimate v2 with a serial number of 1247A092xx, and a legitimate v1 with a serial number of 1247A169xx

I think that the machines without the "80" were just an early manufacturing convenience. If HP did not have any "80" labels, they just grabbed some left over early HP35 labels that did not have the "35".

All of the machines (both of them) that I have seen them on were in the 10000-13000 range (well actually around 12500). I have records of around 30 machines from 13000-18000 and none had the earlier label, but no doubt that they could be out there... or they may have been stuck on after the fact after being removed from a '35.