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Full Version: Wow! $166 for a trashed 11C!
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Here's the eBay link:

trashed HP-11C

I don't get it. A more-capable 15C in much-better condition would be available for less. No knowledgeable user or serious collector would pay that much.

The seller, "Samonator" (an occasional contributor here) was certainly honest about the condition.

i'd expect to pay easily over $100 for one in average condition, more with the manuals.

the metal faceplate can get like that from use (rather than abuse). my 15c is halfway like that now and i haven't been scraping it against the wall either. its like some kind of oxidation with age or the abrasion of being slid in and out of its cover many many times.

"its like some kind of oxidation with age or the abrasion of being slid in and out of its cover many many times"

It must depend on some other environmental conditions as well.
I have a 1981 USA-made HP-11C, one of the earliest models, it's been
taken in and out of its cover tens of thousands of times,
and it's still as new, no changes at all to the aluminum
bezel. In fact, it looks newer than any other HP-11C
I've come across, including two other more recent models
I also own.

No wear on the keys or key action as well, and it has
needed just 2 changes of batteries in 22 years, even with
heavy daily use. It amazes me no end !

That calc reminds me of an 11C I bought years ago from someone from Spain.
He said the calc was in excellent condition.
However, the 11C he sent me looked as ugly as that model from Sambonator, and AFAIR the manual looked worse.

Believe it or not, the price was $100

A while later, I got another, pristine 11C for less.


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I have an HP11C with a keyplate that's a lot worst than Sambonator's picture. It was used under "severe" environment (a farm, believe me, but former -farmer?- owner told me it never fell over horse s...) and I believe there is no way to resist to such "environment attacks". If there is a series of unprinted faceplates with previous contamination (HP did not produce them; if I know it well, they were delivered already printed form thirdy parts), printing/stamping process would not remove "skin" contamination. After a few years...

Just more data.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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