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Full Version: Trade Hp32sii for HP 42s?
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I recently found a new in box brown bezel 32sii in a pawn shop, but I already have one. Is it worth while trying to find someone who would trade for a presumeably used 42s. I like the 32sii a lot but have never had a chance to use a 42s. Is it more usefull for engineering math? (my planned major). Any opinions would be usefull.

If you can find somebody who would trade a Yugo (32Sii) for a Mercedes (42S), then do it...

I found it last month: a collector wanted a new in box 32sII I found for 78 euros (sorry,really the last one). He wanted complete his collection with the silver version...not at ebay prices. And he offered a very good condition 42S of 1992. So I got the 42s for 100 euros with shipping costs

Last year I got a perfect working condition 15c from him, exchanging for a 1985 programable Casio.

For a collector things have different value than for simply user like me.