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Full Version: Favorite calculator game(s)?
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Depends on the machine, of course, but some of mine are shown below and they are all on my web page. What are some of your favorite games?

Pinball Wizard - HP67 and HP41
Yahtzee - HP41 (partial to it because I wrote it) :-)
Skunk - HP41 (again, I wrote it)
High Rollers - HP41
Dungeon of Doom - HP41
Wickes' synthetic Hangman - HP41
Synthetic display Star Trek - HP41

which is your favorite? Mine is probably still the Pinball Wizard games.

HP41 Mini-Chess, definitely. it's one of the best HP41 programs I've seen. To fit that into a 41C + 3 memory modules is amazing!

You mean the version on copy protected mag cards,
with precompiled GTO's ?


No, the version that's in the HP41 Games 2 Solution Book. It's all standard user code, and I scanned in the barcodes which were not 'private'. You
can get it from this site AFAIK.


that's a different program.

The one I was thinking of was a real 8x8 chess program with 4 skill levels.
I bought the mag cards set for about DM 50 back then,
and it really worked.
The only flaw I found in that program:
You could move from bottom or top row,
even when there were knights in the next row...