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Full Version: Re: eBay Leaves A Lot to be Desired
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One should always remember that these can be 30+ year old consumer items that were originally intended to only last for a few years before being replaced. Unless you are buying from somebody that you know to be knowlegeable about old calculators then dents, scratches, etc are to be expected. Most people who come across an old machine at a garage sale and then turn it around on Ebay do not know what they have, what it should look like, or how to operate it. And they would never think to mention something like a name written in the books (if it has them). Always expect the worst, and you might be pleased with what comes your way... bid accordingly.

If you feel that you were taken advantage of or the item was misrepresented, I think Ebay offers rebates up to $200. Go to the bottom of the "my ebay" page and go through the help links.