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Full Version: Re: Preliminary list of my user library programs available
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To Gene,


What can I say - memories.

Thanks Malcolm

These are the User Library programs in my "Misc" notebook. There are many more that the former owner xeroxed out of PPC Journals and put into tabs in these notebooks. There are tons of TI-59 programs too, not that anyone here cares overmuch. :-)

00226D	HP67	Algebraic Notation	turn your HP into a TI
00648D HP67 Arithmetic Progressions
00761D HP67 Complete Calendar Julian Date Function
00063D HP67 Factors and Primes
04338D HP67 Fast Combinations, Permutations and Factorials
03994D HP67 Fast Factorial Factor Finder
01602D HP67 Fast Factor Finder with Automatic Answer Accumulation
03859D HP67 Graeco-Latin Square Allows 3-way control of experimental units
03055D HP67 Is it Prime? Finds factors
00653D HP67 25 digit x 25 digit multiplication
00239D HP67 Random Integers
03837D HP67 Random Numbers
00440D HP67 Sequences
03037D HP67 Unsymmetrical Vertical Curves
Calendar Solutions book HP67


You are torturing me.

You cruel man.