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Full Version: HP-67/97 to HP-41 translator Update
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Update on the HP-67/97 to HP-41 instruction translator:

I have a first Beta version working. It will take a text input file of HP-67/97 instructions and create a new text file with HP-41 instructions. This file can then be fed into the HP41UC program to create RAW format files that can be executred on the emulator.

Currently, the translation is using the XROM instructions for the card reader. Therefore, to run on the emulator, you must have the card reader rom image installed in the emulator.

At this point I need a volunteer. I'm not sure if I am translating all variations of multiple digit numbers correctly. I need someone that owns a working HP-97. I need printouts of as many variations of numeric input as possible. I could then enter them into the translator and make sure it's catching all variations.

Is there someone in the Philadelphia, PA, USA area that has a working HP-97 and who could spare some time to let me enter as many variations as possible. I would really appreciate it.

I also need some more files of test programs with input data and results. I have entered a couple of programs from the HP-67 Standard Pac. I would like to test on as many programs as I can to make sure it is working correctly. Please contact me if you'd like to help out on creating some sample test files.

I want to especially thank Luiz Vieira. Luiz was kind enough to send me some scans of the HP-67 Standard Pac along with better scans of the Card Reader Manual. Thank you, Luiz, for your help and support.

Please contact me at bjh@vpes.com if you can provide some test files or would like a copy of the program for yourself. One warning - it is definetely Beta quality. Thanks for everyone's help.

Bill Hemphill

good work, I cannot wait to try it!