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Full Version: Hp-28S insights book
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Hi everyone!

Over the past while, I've seen the above-captioned book mentioned a few times in various threads; is this available in .pdf (with the author's permission, of course!) or is it still available for sale?

Is this a valuable companion to my trusted 28S or is it simply a watered-down version of the manual?


Well, it's written by Dr. Bill Wickes who was - as you might know - the design team leader of the HP28 (I think) and HP48 (I'm sure) machines. So you can imagine that the book will provide an excellent source of information ... I've to admit that I've read the "HP48 Insights" books only so far. But those are great, providing a wealth of information you may not find or understand ;-) in the owner's manuals. However, I do think that you can not compare the manual and Bill's books as they do have different foci/intentions; they are worth reading both!


but neither of them seem to be very easy to order...... where do you find them?