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Full Version: searching info on computer museums and forums
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I'm researching on computer museums and especially on their
visitors. So I'd like to know more about you and the reasons why you use this kind of forum, if and in what way is useful and how you discovered it.
Thank you very much!

I think I discovered MoHPC about 3 years ago, when I did a seach on one of the search engines (I don't recall which) for HP Calculators.

Its useful for obtaining technical information, exchanging ideas with other HP Calc Nuts, getting help and helping others.



if you allow me to, I'd suggest a brief look at the bios pages. You'll have a good user's profile form there.

Spice_man's finding of the MoHPC was the same as mine: a www searching engine for HP Calculators. And dhis reasons are mainly mine, too.

Will you allow us to know about the reasons for your research? We're in an open-place site, indeed, and there are no secrets around us here.

The sharing principles are often taken from visitors, too. Maybe others will feel confident about sharing their reasons if knowing what for, do you agree?

Success on your research, Sabrina.

Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil)

I'm studing at the University of Turin (Italy) and my "tesi" is about computer museums.
"tesi" means a kind of final exam on a particular subject.
that's the reason why I'm so interested in you!!


maybe you have already "walked around" this museum's pages, but you will also find some other interesting "museums" at the Other links page, mostly the old computers section. There are some other museum's pages listed there.

I'm also working on a Master's Degree activity, and I am aware of how important is the information you can add to your research.


Let me add that this is a good place to hang around, and to know nice people. In my dealings with people that own HP calculators, I have met very nice and generous persons.

May I suggest you look at the forum posts, both recent and archived. There are some real nice discussions that will give you a glimpse of the sociology of this community. I am sure you will skip the technical ones.


Hi Sabrina,

I found Dave's site on late '97.
Since then I routinely (several times a day) hang around to read all of these messages posted by people I do not personally know but that - during the years - I began to think of as mates.
When I think that I may be of help I do post something too but am usually beaten by quicker people with a more deep knowledge about these wonderful machines ;)

I am in Italy too; netiquette suggests me to reply in english but I am also privately e-mailing you so we can further discuss if you wish to...



That's a good try Massimo... ;-)

Hi Thibaut!

I knew that somebody would have pointed this out... better you than another :)

Now I will email you too to your work address so this kind of rumors will stop, I hope!?!? :*)

All the best (bonne chance),


Hi, Sabrina.

One thing we forgot to mention: as far as we can notice, all of the messages in here are posted by human being; no A.I. system, no auto-answered data bank, just plain, old (sometimes actually old) fashioned human beings...

If you are going to focus any social or psycological aspect, you're in the right place. And that's one of the most important things to be pointed out: everyone in here has deep knowledge about some particular subject, directly or not directly related to the main theme. And mutual respect is always present, even when healthy jokes (like this one) happen. Each of us see each other with much respect.

That's a very good behavior. And I like it a lot.

You may see that many (almost all) of us use actual names, in a few cases we may identify an anonymous as being one of us in a particular expression, but it is rare. And that is the spirit.

I'm a teacher, and I always mention in my classes that science states the human being is the only animal that laughs, so we have the right to. And I accept as a serious person the one that knows when to stop laughing. A tedious, bad-tempered guy is not necessarily a serious person.

And I sometimes write too much...

If found this forum is one of the very few that the people who post here are very nice.