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Full Version: HP 41 CV - Is this a record?
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I use mine fairly regularly (purchased new in '86). I'm still using the original batteries. Pretty amazing. It's gotten me through 7 years of electrical engineering education (BS and MS) and 7 years in the industry.

Sure you didnt slip some Lithium cells in there Chris? Dunno about HP41's but my 16C is still on its original cells 14 years on.

Battery drain also has to do with what accessories you have attached. The card reader is powered from the calculator batteries. If you have an 82143A printer attached, the calculator batteries get an assist from the printer.|My 11C, which I have had since 1983, is only on its second set of batteries. I had to replace the first set because of some beginning stages of battery corrosion. Otherwise, it is very easy on batteries. Randy

I used my CV heavily for science and math classes when I was an undergraduate, and the for data processing when I was a Ph.D. student. I didn't use it much in law school (for obvious reasons!). I only changed the batteries on that calculator about 4 times between 1982 and 1998! Pretty amazing, considering today's PDAs with color screens boast of battery life approaching 8 hours!

I hope you mean original rechargeable batteries...

If, instead, you meant alkalines, be forewarned: My 41CV was almost ruined by a set of leaking Duracells. ('Same thing happened to a $60.00 dive light, with Energizers.) The batteries were about three years old, and still had plenty of charge. And when they did leak, they did so quickly--within a matter of days. The only warning I got was when the calc wouldn't power up... which by then, of course, was too late.

Hence, my standard practice of replacing alkalines every two years, regardless of whether they still hold a charge. It's a miniscule price to pay for peace of mind, not to mention sanity.

-- Bruce

I still have a HP-41C (yes before the 41CV) and it died about a month ago. I purchased it new in 1979 and used it at the end of high school and through technical college and many years after that. Unfortunately it suffered a battery leak and contact corrosion about 3 or 4 years ago. I cleaned that up and it worked most of the time but sometimes intermittent, jiggling the batteries usually fixed it but now it's died for good. It's 20 years old and I have now decided to buy a HP48G plus. TI, Sharp and Casio eat your hearts out, I will only buy a HP calculator. By the way, I'm sending this email on my new HP Pavillion 4509 computer!