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Full Version: I am a collector and was wondering......
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If i have a Hp42S stored away, will it spoil after a while. And, also, do i store it with or without batteries

Remove the batteries! Otherwise they could (will) leak, causing corrosion damage to the contacts and other areas in the battery compartment.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

Not much to spoil. Store like any other piece of nice electronics. Avoid: temperature extremes, direct sunlight, excessive humidity. Always store without batteries. You are usually safer storing securely boxed, but not in a soft case (some of the case linings come apart with age). Inside an airtight bag with dessicant pac is good if you live somewhere really humid.

You should however power the machine up maybe yearly to keep the polarised components in good condition. (electrolytic caps mainly).