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Full Version: Unreasonable Calcualtor Prices
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Recently discontinued HP calculators on ebay are selling for an awful lot but still not as much as at least one HP dealer -- would you belive $300 for a 17BII! Now that dealer is advertising for free on this site. That doesn't seem right to me.

Take a look here:


...and it's not even April, 1st;-)

Seriously, I don't think samsoncables will sell a single unit of those calcs for that price, and yes, his ad could be seen as spam. Seems that samsoncables can be ignored in the future...



He has several prices for 17Bii. What are all the variations?

Brown bezel: Classic style colors.
Silver bezel: New style colors; lower quality indonesian or chinese production
Refurbished: Maybe usage marks, maybe w/o manual/carton

However, they're all too expensive.


To be fair, this HP dealer is selling some used HP 17sii for substantially less than $300 on ebay and on his web site, although I thought that his price for a new unit was $225 just a few days ago.

What I don't understand is that while he sells some HP 17bii oem units for $125, he is buying another 17bii for $155 plus shipping. This unit had the box and plastic tray.

I thought that only "new" units can be sold by a reseller only if the units came directly from HP or an authorized distributer. Once the calculator is sold by a reseller to an end user, the warranty comes into effect. If the unit is purchased back by a reseller, the reseller can only offer the purchaser the remainder of the warranty left from the original owner of the calculator. So in this sense, even if the calculator is in "new" condition, it does not come with a "new" warranty. So the calculator should not be sold as new as it does not come with a full warranty. I would appreciate some clarification on this issue.

I bought a couple new machines (49G and 39G) from Samson Cables off eBay on a buy-it-now deal. Price was very reasonable and the customer service was excellent. Shipped quickly too. If the price was right and I didn't already own nearly every model of HP calculator ever made, I'd do business with them again.

Yes, he should take his commercial elsewhere!

Even the manuals are expensive. $29.95 for a 19Bii manual??

To his credit he seems to have some things that I haven't found anywhere else. Wouldn't have known about his site if I hadn't seen it in classifieds.

the 19bii manual - IIRC - was the same price direct from HP at one point. (or maybe it was 19.95.....)

The classified section is made for people to post. Samson isn't spam posting (new posts each day), and they aren't necessarily evil.

They'd get a lot more good attitudes from us if they did something to support the community, sure.

Perhaps a discount if you mention that you saw the ad at this site?