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Full Version: Non English Language Versions of Calculators
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Other than the manuals and the box, is there any difference between the english and non-english versions of the HP calculators? Specifically, I am interested in the HP 32sii.

On the older machines, the instruction labels on the back are in various languages. I have seen German, Italian, French, and Japanese.

AFAIK some of the Spice series were made in an U.S. and 'international' version,
where the decimal point was replaced by a decimal comma.
Maybe the 34C had a jumper to switch the decimal sign.

The 18C,17B(II), and 19B(II) were available as a U.S. and as international,
where the international versions feature an additional ROM chip with messages and menues in different languages,
and, for Germany, a calculating method called 'Staffelzinsmethode'.

I think the HP-32SII exists in an international version only.



Thanks for the responses thus far. Does the HP 48 and 49 have different language ROM's or is there only one language version?

Why are the manuals for some calculators available for downloading in Spanish or Portuguese but not English? If someone knows HP's reason, I would like to know.