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Full Version: I didn't understand this e-bay announcement
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Am I seeing things?

Why is it reading Vintage HP 21 Graphing Calculator and Case!?

I cannot understand...


You understand completely and without confusion. It is the seller that is confused.

Unless you want to discuss drawing graphics with the 7^2 possibilities of each digit the led display...

Hi, Randy;

How come he used an HP21 in the 70's and is not able to remove the battery pack and even know what sort of battery is inside there? Put this together with the claimed graphing capabilities and we have someone that has no idea of what he has in hands.

Teasing, isn't it?

Well, this is none of my business, instead.



he opened up the batteries after being left in since the seventies - lots of corrosion and no chance of working. Just trying to get someone to bid an unreasonable amount. Must not have done so well in school if he couldn't figure out how to open the battery compartment!

That comes under the heading of ignorance or creative advertising. Scotty

Or a bad case of rectal-cranial inversion...

We're soon changing this forum's focus to anatomy... but it hilarious!

just kidding.... ;-) I hope... >>:-)

Now relisted as:

"Vintage HP 21 Scientific Calculator and Case!"

However it still says the battery cover has defeated their best efforts and the seller seems to have a problem with his memory as the text has changed FROM:

"This great little calculator got me through all my college Chemistry and Physics classes in the mid-seventies and having the ability to graph out equations with it was truly AWESOME back then!"


"It's been 25 years since I used this calculator, but it was a great little workhorse during my college Chemistry and Physics classes in the mid-seventies!"

I have found that if you cannot open the battery compartment of a woodstock machine, it contains a wonderful surprise... the biggest crop of white powder and green fuzzies that you have ever seen has grown inside the machine. Probably your keyboard keys have a lovely crunchy feel also.