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hrm... do I need another 20S?

the 12c seems to still be floating around a few places, and I've recently seen a couple 19bii machiens still in retail.

the 39 I never owned, I'm not sure if I need that... of course, there's need and there's need.

I live in Toronto and I have found quite a few 19BIIs although I must admit that the Indonesian-built units cannot compare to the older US, Brazilian or Singaporian (sp?) ones. Most big box stores are selling 12Cs, although I am not surprised, since it appears that they are still being manufactured.

On the weekend I was walking up Yonge St. (where all of the small electronics stores are) and I found some NIB 17BIIs. The boxes were green, which told me that they were from around '95-'96, so I was hoping that one of the boxes would say 42S or 32SII but alas, it was not to be.


alas, now even that 17bii is hard to find- especially the older green boxes.