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Full Version: HP 50g : More on best rechargeable batteries
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Just an update on this topic. Thanks to the advice from members of the forum, I finally bought some AAA Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries (900 mAh). What a difference they make: With the set of Philips 1000 mAh, I had to recharge every week with light every day use but with the Eneloops and a more heavy use of the calculator, I am already on my second week without any need to recharge (not even the low battery warning showing). It is a pity that I could not find them anywhere locally, so eBay it was.

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That still seems like your running the batteries down quickly. Are you using it heavily?

You probably know this already, but if you plug in a USB cable it will draw power from the USB port. So if you're doing your calculations at a desk and the cable doesn't get in the way, this could save on batteries.