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Full Version: Calculator emulator for Kindle Fire HDX etc.
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I was told by my brother that I am going to get a Kindle Fire 7" HDX for Christmas. I can download a lot of older books for free and I have a huge collection of MP3 files I can listen to. I LOVE OPERA.
I already have the Kindle PC reader on my PC. I wonder if I can now listen to the Met Broadcasts on Saturdays? Hm?
Sorry about that! Are there any good HP calculator apps available for this device? Free would be best,but inexpensive is OK. Also any apps should not have ads.
Also just asking, are there any Planetarium apps for this device that users of this forum may have had experience with?

Harold, I got a Fire HD7 about a year ago and I like it very much. There are lots of apps for it, but not anywhere near as many as with a pure Android machine. Google Play store is not accessible on the Fire, but you can sideload apps if you can find them and get the .apk file. I have sideloaded a few and they seem to work fine on the Fire.

Just browse the Kindle apps under the Shop menu and you'll probably find what you want.

Click here to see the two number-crunching apps on my Kindle Fire (First Generation). Unfortunately neither of them actually emulates any known HP calculator...

You should give free42 a try. It's a very nice simulator of the HP42.


You may be able to side load the outstanding HP-42 simulator from here:


It looks and works great on Android, IOS and Windows. I wouldn't be without it even though I have a few real HP-42's.


I'll second the votes for free42, Thomas Okken's splendid HP-42S simulator. I'm using that on my non-HDX Kindle Fire (and my personal phone, and my work phone, and my desktop, and my laptop, and my....) It is as close to the real thing as you can get on a touchscreen.

I sideloaded free42. You can download the Free42Android.apk file needed for Android sideloading directly from the free42 site indicated in the previous posts.