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Full Version: Library transfer PC to HP48/49
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What is the correct procedure for transferring Library files from the PC to the HP48/49?



This is from memory, and I haven't done it in over a year, but here goes (and subsequent posters may correct):

[1] Transfer the file to your 48 (I can't advise 49, but strongly suspect it's the same procedure).

[2] Locate to the directory of your choice (the attachment is to a directory, as I've always done mine to HOME, they're always visible everywhere, but I inferred that attachment to a subdir would conceal...).

[3] Recall LIB to the stack (may or may not then PURGE original name).

[4] STOre to the PORT; for 48S & G, use "0 STO" (that's numeric zero then STO), others may have more PORTs to play with.

[5] Turn the 48 off, then on. YOu should see a delay in it coming back on, and you'll be in HOME.

[6] Check the LIBrary to see that it's present, and test as appropriate.

I look forward to corrections....


only one (by memory, too) that I remember:

[4] STOre to the PORT; for 48S & G, use :0: [STO] (that's numeric zero then STO), others may have more PORTs to play with.

The :: operator is necessary to identify a port address.

Also, if I am not wrong, you can attach more than one library in HOME dir, but only one for each subdir.

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Thanks, Luiz!

I just *knew* there was something missing about that zero. So it's not a _numeric_ zero, it's a \->TAG zero. But your other comment about one attach per subdir, that I never knew (not a problem on my 48S, 32_KB just isn't enough memory to worry about scattering LIBraries about like autumn leaves :).