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Full Version: How to update PRIME Firmware using Files on PC
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I have a real slow Internet connection using a Modem and POTS.
I was able to download the upgraded Virtual PRIME, Connectivity Kit and 11 25 2013 Firmware from the FTP site.
If I am understanding the thread about the new firmware, etc., the best way to upgrade the firmware on a Physical calculator is to use the Connectivity Kit.
I have upgraded software and received upgrades from Microsoft using my slow connection,but sometimes I have lost the internet connection because of noise on the phone lines.
I think I am correct in that when new firmware is available for the calculator, it is downloaded right there and then and then installed on the calculator.
I do not want to take a chance for a dropout ruining my calculator during this process.
Is there a way to install the upgrade from my PC from the firmware files I got from the HP ftp site? Where do the files need to be located for the Connectivity Kit to recognize them,etc.

The files for the CK and Virtual calculator are just self-extracting executables, so you can run them from wherever they are located on your pc, probably a folder called Downloads. The firmware files should be unzipped and placed in a folder \Users\your name\Documents\Hp Connectivity Kit\Firmware, and you then click on Update firmware in the CK to update your Prime.

I recommend updating the CK first and doing a Prime backup before proceeding with the Prime firmware update.

Edited: 4 Dec 2013, 3:58 p.m.

Download the files, install the updated Conn kit, open it and connect the calculator. Right click over "HP Prime" in Conn kit and click upgrade firmware. No internet connection required in that last step.

Edited: 4 Dec 2013, 12:05 p.m.