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Full Version: HP-41(CL): The easiest way to transfer FOCAL programs from a Linux PC to the HP-41
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I am doing this in all kinds of roundabout ways and way to cumbersome.

Any ideas of easy ways to transfer RAW format FOCAL programs from a Linux PC to an HP-41(CL)?

I have written a python script based on the one on the CL-homepage to transfer raw and hex files to and from the 41cl. If you're interested I can send it to you.



Sorry, I didn't read/understand your request correctly. The script I wrote can transfer only binary (as well as hex) data-files. It may be used to transfer binary FOCAL-files as well but I have no experience with it. I only use it for making backups and updating rom-files. As an additional feature it calculates the checksum which can be compared to the one on the calculator.



Please send :-)

My suggestion: use Leo Duran's 41 uc compiler to convert FOCAL file to LIF format, then use the PIL-Box :-)

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I'll be happy to post it on the 41CL home page if you want to share.

Hello Monte,

I'll send it to you next weekend.

I have to write a short explanatory text for it first.



To those of you who are still on Windows; How do you transfer FOCAL programs from your PC to your HP-41?

To those of you who are still on Windows; How do you transfer FOCAL programs from your PC to your HP-41?

If you mean FOCAL and not "RAW", I'd generate bar codes and use the bar code wand to enter the code into the calculator. If I had the need to transfer RAW, I'd look into using bar codes for that, too - I think it should be possible to replace the "code generation" part with something that takes RAW data (possibly encoded as hex strings, base64, whatever).

Note that this may or may not be PC-specific; "my" barcode generator only requires a reasonably up-to-date web browser.

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I lost the link to that - URL?

On-line Barcode Generator

Note: the description is slightly out of date; it seems to work fine with recent versions of internet explorer, too.

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hi geir,
totally old school: i'm using an HP82164A which i retrofitted with an FTDI RS232-USB (see articles section) together with my trusty HPILCOM program that i programmed couple of years ago in DELPHI 5, running now on a windows 7 box.


What is Internet Exploder?

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