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Full Version: 15C # notation
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I have lost my manual and have forgotten how to turn off complex # notation. If someone could tell me the keystroke to switch it off that would be great.


you should clear flag 8, meaning you should use the sequence:

[g] [CF] 8 

[CF] function is in key [5]


Thanks for the response. I really meant to say scientific # notation on my last post. Fiddling around with it I figured it out by using....

[f] FIX

(hitting FIX twice)

Also is there a way to change the number of decimal places it displays? It's been awhile since I used this and right now it shows 8 digits and I don't recall that being the default.

Ex... 2 is displayed as 2.0000000


as you have noticed, [FIX] is over the [7] key. After pressing [f] [FIX] you have to specify how many digits you want for fixed decimal places, and you can choose from [0] to [9]. Then, when you press

[f] [FIX] [FIX]
you stabilished 7 decimal places, i.e.,
[f] [FIX] [7]
[f] [FIX] [4]
and you get the default four decimal places. Or try the one you want.


Thanks for the help.