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Full Version: HP Prime: Sound and Music
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Does the HP Prime have sound and music? The HP 50g does. I have not found anything about it in the user guide.


There isn't beeper but there are empty connectors to connect one on the mainboard.

No. It would make the calculator more fun I agree.

While there was an indication of it on the board there are a couple of reasons that it was not included, one was cost and the other is that is may have disqualified the calculator from being used on some tests. The prime is very much a students calculator.

While I work for HP, I do not work for the calculator division or the PPG group. I do not represent HP and the statements above are not indicative of any formal company policy or statement; they are mine alone.

No. It would make the calculator more fun I agree.

Yes, more fun (thinking about games) and with more possibility to explore some applications that require the beeper (or sounds).

In example, when I was training morse code to obtain ham radio operator class B and class A (here in Brazil) respectively in 1998 and 1999, I made a program that generate and beeps the dots and dashes in my 48G that helped me very much...

HP really missed this capability in Prime...

If the problem is the use in a classroom (that must be a silent ambient), I think the beeper simply could be disabled (like 48 series and others)...

Edited: 28 Nov 2013, 9:00 a.m.

Not just for fun, but having sound available enhances the educational capabilities of the Prime. Sound can be used for a wonderful illustration of Fourier series, for example.