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Full Version: [HP-41][HP-71B][HP-75C/D][HP-IL] Found a mother-lode of programs on ftp.stak.tk
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I seem to have stumbled on a mother-lode of swap disks and other software for these devices and thought it worth sharing:


The "swap" directory contains tons of source code in BASIC, assembly language, and Forth. I have not yet begun to scratch the surface of all this! (Perhaps we might post interesting things found therein as replies to this thread?)

I apologize for the redundant information if this was well-known to others or posted here earlier than the Forum search cut-off. It just seems so wonderful!

From the README file:

This is a collection of programs &c related to the (obsolete)
HP41C/CV/CX, HP-71B and HP-75C/D handheld computers
and HP-IL, Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop.

This is still experimental and may be reorganized, moved
to another location or terminated without prior notice,
and nobody assumes any responsibility of any harm caused
by the use of any materials herein.

Copyrights of various programs generally belong to their
respective owners and no specific rights are guaranteed
or implied by their inclusion here.

Comments, notices about copyrighted material that should be
removed, offers for additions &c should be directed to
Tapani Tarvainen <tapani@iki.fi>. There is no anonymous
upload directory but means for upload can be arranged on
case-by-case basis on request.


swap: collection of "swap disks" circulated in users' clubs.

hplink: drivers for the HP82973A HP-IL Interface Card.

hpillink: another set of drivers and utilities for the HP82973A,
especially for HP71B.

lifutil: utility program for handling LIF disks on a DOS PC
(HP41/71/75 use LIF format with HP9114 floppy drive).

lif2dos: more utilities for handling LIF disks on a PC.


I believe all of that has already been archived here at the Museum.


I believe all of that has already been archived here at the Museum...

Thank you! Next time, I'll cross-check. Meanwhile, maybe someone's future search might land here.