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Full Version: HP-67 charger
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I just got my first HP-67; beautiful calculator! While it came with a new, fully charged battery pack, it did not come with a charger.

I poked around that auction site but currently do not see any HP-67 chargers available. While I wait to find one, I thought I would ask whether the charger is interchangeable from any other models.


I use the charger for a HP-35 and I believe the charger for all the "classic" series are the same. Under collecting & Using on the right side of the front page see "Battery Packs & Chargers".

Battery Packs & Chargers

Classics (HP-35, 45, 55, 65, 67, 80)
Battery HP 82001B, Chargers HP 00035-60008, HP 03502A, HP 82001A/B, HP 82002A/B/C, HP 82010A (120/240 VAC), HP 82022A(240 VAC), HP 82011A (240 VAC)

Thanks much.