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Full Version: Gathering USB dumps for Connectivity Kit <-> 39gII communication...
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I'm told that like the newer and more powerful Prime derived from it, the 39gII uses USB HID to communicate with the computer.

Therefore, I expect that in the mid-term, adding support for the 39gII to the portable Windows/Linux/MacOS X libhpcalcs toolkit initially aimed at the Prime, which I announced here several days ago, would be reasonably easy. I mean that the 39gII and Prime are (certainly) closer to each other, in terms of protocols and cables, than the TI-85 + BlackLink and the TI-Nspire + DirectLink are :)

However, I don't have access to a 39gII (or a Prime, anyway). In order to create a third-party implementation, I'm relying on dumps of USB data which goes over the wire between the HP Connectivity Kit and the real calculator, produced by other persons.

Who would be willing to create such dumps (preferably with usbpcap, because the dumps it generates can be read with Wireshark under Linux), and later, beta-test the program ?

Thanks in advance for Linux & MacOS X users (especially, although the program works on Windows as well) :)

Finding the time will be the biggest problem. You can contact me by forum mail to discuss the details. I do have a 39gII for testing.

Follow Up: I've sent some dumps to debrouxl for analysis. Is there a way to request a screenshot from the 39gii? There doesn't seem to be an option in the CK.