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Full Version: HP Prime: How do I insert/delete a column/row in a spreadsheet ?
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In the Spreadsheet App, how do I insert or delete a column or row ? When inserting, I want all content to the right or below to move right or down and not be deleted. When deleting, I want content to move left or up. I couldn't find any insert or delete commands.

Anybody home ?

+1 agree this would be a good upgrade.

Otherwise if I don't want a section of spreadsheet code, I can delete it BUT it leaves some white space I cant fill/organize without adding or deleting rows and/or columns

I don't consider it an upgrade, but a very basic capability that has been part of spreadsheets since pre pc days. It was included in VisiCalc that ran on the Tandy TRS 80 and various CPM machines. It's included in the simple Numbers spreadsheet on my iPad. It really degrades the capability of this App.