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Full Version: OT: Graphing calculator for Android ?
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Hello all,

I’ve shown my daughter some graphs on the 48G, and the ones in polar mode, for example to draw “flowers” and other symmetrical curves, catch her attention.

To show colors and use a bigger screen, the Prime would be an option, but perhaps a bit overkill, so I’m pondering a good graphing app for Android.

Does anybody have a recommendation? I had a quick look in the Android market, but the choice is overwhelming, and some of the apps require a set of permissions that I frankly do not understand (full network access, send sms…), while other (Wolfram Alpha for example) get mixed reviews.

Budget: let’s say 10 dollars. I would rather pay for a reputable app than installing something that pesters me with ads or, worse, requires an Internet connection that then uses to send private data somewhere

Requirements: polar graphs, some color, scales well on a 10” tablet, formula entry not too complicated.

Suggestion to HP: maybe there is a market for professional calculator apps on smartphones/tablets. Lower prices, but also no hardware and lower distribution costs, so the margin might still be interesting.

Thanks and best regards


Let's try Geogebra. It's free and a very capable package.


There are emulators like Droid48(free) and go49 ($13 I think) those bothe work pretty well

I have MathStudio
on my Android. I like it. It is like a HP50g or TI89.

Also, Olivier's go48s and go48g are both free.