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Full Version: HP Prime: the drama of the Apps button, shutdown, formatting, nothing solves
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Hello friends:
When I started to cheer me up with HP Prime, managing to spend my first 5 programs of the HP 50 g to HP Prime. The old problem again. This time, I used the emulator, I did all the programming, it worked like a charm. I did, then the backup. Until there all right. When I went to restore this copy on HP Prime through the connectivity Kit, again the problem: when touching on teak Apps, the calculator switches the power off and the lock Connectivity Kit. I don't know but how to do it. If direct work with the calculator, it crashes and I lose the programs. If I use the emulator, it works fine. I happen to have this machine with my programs for use in the field, you can't get out carrying a notebook around to use the emulator. If you already have some idea of what might be occurring? By the way that not only happens to me.
Thank You

Hi Davi,

I think you'll find that if you do a restore to either the Prime or the Emulator, that both of them will malfunction with the Apps key. It doesn't matter if the backup is done from either of them, or if they are clean from a reset or reformat. What I would do is use the connectivity to copy/paste the program text from the Emulator to a window on the Prime with a dummy program with the same name, and then do a save. You can also copy/paste/save matrices and lists this way. First reformat the Prime flash drive to clean it so the Apps key won't cause a reboot every time it is pressed.

I'm not using my Prime right now, since it has been so unstable, and I would definitely not use it in the field for my job. Can't you still use your 50g ?

My heart goes out to you,