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Full Version: HP-Prime : Extracting elements from a list in RPN
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Sorry to also post about this subject, but I would like to know how to extract an element from a list. Based on the example on page 456 of the English manual (L6 being {3,4,5,6}), when in Home and assuming algebraic or textbook entry, the simple steps are:

L6(2) [ENTER] ==> 4

So far, so good. In RPN entry mode, I tried the same steps to no avail, evidently :-)

L6(2) [ENTER] ==> "ERROR MESSAGE BOX: L6({3,4,5,6},{3,4,5,6})"

Then, after some trial and error, in RPN, the only way I found to extract the element was :

[SHIFT]['']L6(2)[ENTER][SHIFT][EVAL] ==> 4

... A lot longer than with Algebraic/Textbook entries and, I might be wrong, but I think it is not documented anywhere in the manual.

So, my question is: is this the right way to do it in RPN or there is a faster, with less steps way to do it?

Thanks and regards,