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Full Version: "HexZombie - a tool for real programmers"
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Uhm, I don't know of the Ti Hex calculator they are talking about, but I can't think of anything better suited for that purpose then an HP16C. And they completely forgot about that!

I suspect that is on purpose since it would come out looking bad in comparison. :-)


This is better... ;-)

That SR-22 is neat. I had never heard of it before. I want!

It doesn't look terribly well thought out. The device supports floating point and display exponents but there is no apparent way to enter exponents?
Also, it has a fairly limited selection of integer modes and sizes.

I think I'll stick with my 16C and 34S I think :-)

- Pauli

I have one, a peculiar machine indeed.

It don't compare to the 16C

I have to admit, there were times when the doubled keyboard and twinned display would have been handy. But I'll also admit, not handy enough to make me trade in my 16C. After all, I got my first 16C when I was dealing with a computer that preferred octal.