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Full Version: HP Prime - Revision Suggestion - Setting the Clock
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After charging a new unit's battery, I set the internal clock.

The seconds did not change after setting the time, only the date, hours, and minutes. This makes it possible for the time to be off by as much as one minute immediately after setting the clock to an accurate time source.

In a later version of the firmware, it would be useful to have the seconds reset to zero at the moment when the correct minute has been typed and the Enter key has been pressed to input the new minute.

FYI: If you connect the calculator to your computer via the Connectivity Kit and USB cable, the time on the calculator is automatically reset exactly to your computer's system time.

None the less, I agree: having the seconds reset to zero on entering a time update or a seconds setting would be helpful when manually setting the calculator's time.


I disagree. The time on my Prime lags the time on my pc by 1 second.

That must be because you had the Prime to the west of your computer. Try placing the calculator on the same meridian as the computer next time :-)

If you want to set the time exactly, then don't use the Settings screen. Use the Time:=hh°mm'ss" command in Home.

I can think of only one benefit of the current method used by the Settings screen. By NOT resetting the seconds, the user is able to change time zone or to/from Daylight Saving Time without worrying about doing it at exactly the right moment. This is exactly like the T+X command in the HP-41CX and Time Module, which lets you adjust the hour without changing the seconds.

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Edited: 15 Nov 2013, 2:49 a.m.